Words from consumers of “Hisui from Okunagara River”

TECHNOS CO.,LTD  The introduction for “monitor system”

We ask our monitors to follow below.

Monitors drinks 5cases every months for the period of 3 months.
After 3 months of drinking, we request to report your condition or changes after drinking our water.
All the report will be uploaded to our website with your actual name. All the personal information will not be used for any other reasons.
For benefit to our monitors, the normal price of ¥1,800 including shipping charge will be reduced to ¥1,200(do not include shipping charge and COD will be charged ¥210).
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Comments below are all from our monitors.? We are receiving many happy comments from monitors.

Effect after drinking of our “Hisui” water

Coca Cola East Japan Mr.Matsuzawa

My blood-sugar level was 397. As a result of drinking for 3months, my level has become 152, and then 152 after 1 week. After 2 months, the level has been improved to 90 as normal level.

* Coca Cola also manufactures and sells “Morino Mizu” water. However, our water has been getting favorable responses from our monitors.

Morinaga Engineering Mr. Kuzumaki (Assistant Manager)

1. I have been tortured with atopie for 10 years. However, I have been cured well after drinking 15 cases for 5 months.

2. My father had been in a lot of pain due to bilestone. But, his bilestone has become small after drinking for 3 months.

Mizuho Bank Mr. Iida

Improved as follows by drinking of water for 3 months from April, 2005.

Hepatic function
AST(GOT)・・・ 46→22
ALT(GPT)・・・ 77→24
γGPT ・・・ 72→54

Cholesterol, etc.
Total Colesterol・・・ 183→169
HDL Colesterol・・・ 35→32
LDL Colesterol・・・ 108→75

Living in Yokohama-city Mr. Onodera
(He is 60-year-old patient with prostate cancer.)
Treatment agency is Kanagawa Prefectural Cancer Center.

(Report of monitor) January 25, 2006
Process of treatment from sentence of prostate cancer.
Tumor marker PSA level 69ng/ml (normal level is less than 4.0) was detected at regular medical examinations on Sep., 2005. He had a workup on suspicion of prostate cancer. As a result of this workup, he has been diagnosed with “moderately-differentiated cancer (incl. poorly-differentiated malignity) local infiltration (infiltration over prostate membrane)”.
Tumor marker PSA level at workup was 90.5ng/ml(normal level is less than 4.0).
Start drinking 2l per day from the beginning of Nov.
Start “antiandrogenic therapy” from Nov. 30.
Present treatment plan was to prevent the progression of cancer by androgen suppression, and to be combined with other methods (anticancer etc.) throughout the process.
One month after start of treatment, 12/26 tumor marker PSA level has decreased to 8.1ng/ml. (normal level is less than 4.0)
(Incidentally, tumor marker PSA level before one month was 80.5ng/ml ⇒ 8.1ng/ml)
Doctor said, “Symptom is becoming well convalescent. And there is an effect of treatment.”
Person with powerful healing properties tends to be seen the effective of treatment dominantly. However, only one month has passed from start of treatment, next step will be considered after seeing how it’s going.

Why can’ stop the progression of a disease if I have powerful healing properties. That means, I think that the increase of hearing properties is due to not only effective of “antiandrogenic therapy ” but also Drinking of Water”.

Effect after drinking of our “Hisui” water

Ajinomoto Trading Mr. Higuchi

I have been receiving treatment of kidney disease. As a result of drinking of water from 2004 summer, urine volume was increased 2.5 times more at the recent urine sampling examination compared to before drinking.
Primary doctor surprised and asked to get a bottle of water. Monitors in my company are increased.

Mr. Takibuchi Former Mitsubishi Shoji

My two brothers died due to large intestine cancer. Malignant polyp has been found to me too. So I was much worried. But, malignant polyp was disappeared at the examination after drinking of 23cases of water.

Iwatani Sangyo Mr. Nagashima

My blood-sugar level was 185. Became 140 after one month. Became normal level after three months.

Horiba Advancetechno Mr. Kushino

Atopie of his eldest son, Mr. Takeshi, became much better after drinking for 3 months.
His blood-sugar level improved to 120 from 200. And weight became to 72kg from 80kg.

Daiichi-Kangyo Bank Mr. Nakagawa

My blood-sugar level was 285.
Drinking 2l of water per day without medical admission/medicine.
After 3 weeks, my blood-sugar level became 204.
After 8 weeks, my blood-sugar level became 164.
After 2 months, level became less than 120 as normal value.
As a result of cessation of drinking for 6 months, the level changed to worse 223. After restart drinking, the level improved to 130.

Ymada Foods Mr. Yamada

Get over my constipation. My blood-sugar level decrease less than 120 from 230.
(*The largest Natto manufactures in Tohoku section.)

Iwai Kikai Kogyo Mr. Hirashima

Due to the diabetes, my vision has been worse and I have not been able to drink alcohol. But both have been better. I became healthier.
(*Iwai Kikai is a top maker of liquid treatment equipments exclude beverage filling equipments. Annual business is 250 hundred million.)

Pakora Mr. Sugiyama

I had a bad liver. But it has been fully-healed.
I have been drinking 5 cases per month.

Nagoya city Ueda orthopedic clinic

I have drunk many kinds of water before. But this water has high quality in taste and effective. I recommend this to patient who has lower back problem and gout. Most patients derive a great deal of benefit.

Nagoya city Mr. Yamada (female)

3cm breast cancer has shrunk to 1cm after 3 months. I am also drinking Agarikus.

Nagoya city Yamashige Liquor shop

Wife has got over her constipation. High pressure and Diabetes of husband has been improved.
They are selling to their customers from their experiences.

Aichi Prefecture Mr. Kato

Effective to constipation.
After drinking 5 cases, my blood pressure has went down.

Nerima Mr. Ogawa

I have started drinking from my friend’s recommendation.
My first impression was “mellowness”, and it’s soft and pleasant to the taste.
My skin has become moisturize as I continued to drink.
My fatigable constitution has been improved.
I prefer to continue to drink in the future.

Ueda city Mr. Nomoto

I was diabetes. After drinking, I have got over my constipation.
After 3 months, my blood-sugar level has become to normal level. My condition is very good.

Ageo City Mr. Yoshino

I have been undergoing rehabilitation due to brain infarct 5 years before. After drinking this water, my condition has been very well. Recently, my doctor said, “Your blood is very clean and blood pressure is stabilized.

Yagoya city Mr. Masui

Serum triglyceride levels were decreased to 300 from 500 after drinking for 1 month.

Oota pref. Tanabe san

Be soft and pleasant on the tongue. Gives his old-dog every day.
It reduced the symptom which was similar to an epileptic attack.
He thinks Hisui worth for feeding pets.
name Before drinking “Hisui” After drinking “Hisui”
Gifu city
Woman with her 7 months baby.
Her Baby had an atopic dermatitis and cannot be cured by a medicine. She mixed it with dried milk.
It minimized the appearance of scratches and it improved atopic disease by applying it to skin.
Hachiooji city
Raddishboya member
Yoshikawa Youko san
Blood pressure was 260.
Her husband (60 years old) was having blood pressure of 200.
Just by 3 days, it cured constipation. After 20 cases, pressure level went down to 130, and her husband’s level went down to 140.
Gifu city
Kurokawa san
Weight of 65kg(H13.Jan) Weight of 59kg(H13.March)
Not wanting juice or coffee containing lots of sugar anymore. Recommended to her mom, blood sugar level amazingly went down from 285 to 104.
Tokyo, Shinjyuku
Shimada san
Weight was 101kg. Consuming 2L/day for 6 months, 24kg loss and became 77kg.
Hyogo prefecture, Kawanishi city
Umino san (Female, age of 80)
High blood pressure level Back to normal level.
Feeding to her cat, no smell from the waste.
Fuji Transportation
Kashiwagi chief
1 or 2 times a week.
Cured in next day. After a week, everyday cureness. Weight of 78kg went down to 72kg.
Sizuoka city
Katoh san
Tried many different kind of water for dieting. After 5 cases, succeeded to reduce two holes of belt.
Shinjyuku city
Yamaguti san
Were having dry rough skin. Better skin condition.
Trying many different water but “Hisui” is very tasty water.
Funabashi city
Takeuchi san
More than 200 of blood sugar level
After 3 months, the level down to 110.
Kyoto city
Far system
Mr.Hayakawa, president
Were taking medicine 10 times a day.
After taking 2L of “Hisui” everyday, no medicines were needed. Be able to take greasy food for meals.
Yokohama city
Onodera san (Female)
Analyzing intestine polyp, found to be malignant tumor. Inspection of whole body system for 2 months. After 3 months 2L/day, the malignant tumor was not found anymore and cured completely. Maintaining good health condition.
Miyazaki prefecture
Kakoi Alcohol
Mr.Seni president
Weak stomach, were taking medicine 2 times/day for 5 years. After drinking “Hisui”, never have to take medicine again. In my business, I was able to see many different kinds of water, I never seen anything like this water.
I am selling more than 100 cases everday.
日本Shizuoka city
Moritou san
Had no energy. For hill, was pushing bicycle. After drinking for 2-3 months, start noticing lightness of body. Lately, able to ride on bicycle even on the hill.
Nagoya city
Nakaya san (Age of 37)
Started drinking for diet. More times for going bathroom.
Reduction of dropsy was found and was told the face got skinnier. My children are saying “Hisui”is tastier than juices.
Ishida Corporation
Mr. Kawasaki, Manager(Male)
Had rectum cancer for 5 years. Started to drink 5 cases every month since January of 2004. It cured cancer with in 4 to 5 months.
Now, he sells Hisui in his company.